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RVA Online: High School

RVA Online supports the full high school course regimen in an e-learning format.

For our high school students, we are offering all scheduled courses online with the exception of advanced auto mechanics, wood tech courses, and pottery. (Students enrolled in one of these courses may substitute another term length class or a study hall in its place.)

Our priority is to enable our students to continue their planned sequence of education toward either the College Prep Diploma or the General Education Diploma.

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“I’m looking forward to trying different teaching techniques to help students interact with our texts and engage in deeper thinking.” –Kristy Faber, RVA teacher

 RVA Online Instructional Format

High school students will access curriculum and submit assignments online through Moodle. Instruction could involve video or audio lectures (with transcripts provided to accommodate bandwidth concerns), teacher demonstrations, and discussion forums.

While students must log into Moodle and work on assignments regularly, all classes are asynchronous. No assignments will require printing.

Minimum requirements: computer or RVA tablet; internet access of 3G or better for a portion of each day, five days per week; the ability to scan/photograph work for submission.


Let us help.

If the technology requirements are an issue for you, please contact us at responseteam@rva.org.



Please read the FAQ sections below, then contact Keith Watson at principalhs@rva.org with additional concerns.

General RVA Online FAQ
  1. When do classes begin online? RVA’s third term will begin as scheduled on April 27, 2020. Instruction for the entire term will be online, with no in-person classes. We hope to bring our seniors back for their commencement ceremony.
  2. Can my student study online with RVA from our passport country? As long as you are able to meet the technology requirements, students may study with us regardless of location.
  3. How do I enroll in RVA Online? All current RVA students are automatically a part of RVA Online; you do not need to enroll again. If you wish to withdraw from RVA, please contact admissions@rva.org to work through the withdrawal process.
  4. What is the cost of RVA Online? Tuition fees remain the same for this term, and no capital development fees will be assessed. (Room and board will also not be charged.)
  5. What if I can’t meet the technology requirements for online learning? Please email responseteam@rva.org with the specifics of your situation. We hope to find a way to help you.
High School Online FAQ
  1. Do students need to access RVA Online on designated days of the week and/or during specific hours of the day? No. RVA Online is asynchronous, meaning that students may study on their own schedule. Students should expect to study online about five days per week in order to read/view lectures, work through all of their course material, participate in discussions, and meet ongoing deadlines for assignments.
  2. I have a question about my course schedule or required credits. Whom should I contact? Please email Mr. Nelson at guidancedir@rva.org with all schedule or credit-related questions.