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RVA Online: Junior High (7-8)

Our junior high teachers are invested in the academic growth and intellectual curiosity of their students.

At the junior high level, RVA Online provides both foundational curriculum and supplemental classes to support the ongoing success of each student.

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RVA Online Format

Our junior high curriculum will follow a
MESH + 1 + PE structure.


MESH courses will span all 12 weeks of term: math, English, science, and history.

Plus one

Students will also participate in one additional course each week, following this schedule:

  Grade 7 Grade 8
Week 1 CIT Learning Skills & Second Step
Week 2 Learning Skills & Second Step CIT
Weeks 3-6 Bible Art
Week 7 CIT Learning Skills & Second Step
Week 8 Learning Skills & Second Step CIT
Weeks 9-12 Art Bible



All junior high students will participate in physical education, which will run throughout the term as an auxiliary course. In place of daily assignments, students will participate in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity per week, choosing from a wide range of possible activities.

Concert Band elective

Before the term begins, students may choose to enroll in an online version of Concert Band.


Tech requirements


Minimum requirements: use of a computer and printer; internet access of 3G or better for a portion of each day, five days per week; the ability to scan/photograph work for submission. While a printer is not required, some students may find it helpful to occasionally print a document for classwork.

RVA will issue school tablets to any families of junior high students who can come to campus to pick one up.


Let us help.

If the technology requirements are an issue for your family, please contact us at [email protected].





Please read our FAQ sections, then email David Jewell at [email protected] with any additional concerns.

General RVA Online FAQ
  1. When do first term classes begin? The 2020-21 school year will begin as scheduled on August 31, 2020. Instruction for the entire term will be online, with no in-person classes.
  2. Will RVA host an orientation for new students? This year’s NSPO (New Student/Parent Orientation) will take place digitally.
  3. Can my student study online with RVA from our passport country? As long as you are able to meet the technology requirements, students may study with us regardless of location.
  4. What is the cost of RVA Online? Tuition fees remain the same for this term, and capital development fees will be assessed at a 50% discount. (Room and board will not be charged.)
  5. What if I can’t meet the technology requirements for online learning? Please email [email protected] with the specifics of your situation. We hope to find a way to help you.
Online Junior High FAQ
  1. Do students need to access RVA Online on designated days of the week and/or during specific hours of the day? No. RVA Online is asynchronous, meaning that students may study on their own schedule. Students should expect to study online about five days per week in order to read/view lectures, work through all of their course material, participate in discussions, and meet ongoing deadlines for assignments.
  2. Do junior high students need a computer or tablet? Yes, we recommend a tablet or computer for each learner. Please come to campus if you would like us to issue a school tablet to your junior high student.
  3. What is the format of RVA Online? RVA teachers deliver instruction and course material through a learning management system called Moodle. Each teacher has structured his or her online curriculum to enable a seamless return to the classroom when students come back to campus.
  4. Do classes rely on an independent, self-taught approach? No. Our teachers provide all instruction (often through video/audio lectures), keep online office hours, and are available to help students with individual questions. Parents may be asked to proctor tests, but are not expected to homeschool their students, nor are students expected to self-teach.
  5. Would interruptions in Wi-Fi connectivity present a problem? No. If students need additional time to complete assignments due to a prolonged outage, please contact teachers.
  6. Do assignments have deadlines for completion? Yes. Teachers assign deadlines to keep students on track with each class.