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RVA Online: Junior High

Our junior high teachers are invested in the academic growth and intellectual curiosity of their students.

At the junior high level, RVA Online provides both foundational curriculum and supplemental classes to support the ongoing success of each student.

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RVA Online Format

Our junior high curriculum contains both Essential and Enhanced options.

Each teacher will provide his or her class with two-week instructional packets comprising the Essential subjects: math, English, science, and history. Students must access the internet a minimum of once every two weeks to download each packet, but we encourage them to check in as often as possible. Once students complete the work, students or parents will photograph or scan each page to submit online.

We also offer an Enhanced option with a full complement of subjects. (Math, English, science, and history are identical to the Essential curriculum.) This option requires more time on the computer.

Essential Curriculum

Minimum requirements: internet access of 3G or better once every two weeks, access to a printer, access to a scanner or camera (most phone cameras are sufficient).

Why choose Essential? If your student’s access to a computer or reliable internet is limited, our Essential curriculum may be a good option for your family.


Let us help.

If the technology requirements are an issue for your family, please contact us at responseteam@rva.org.


Enhanced Curriculum

Art/Computer/Music/Study Skills
Minimum requirements: internet access of 3G or better once every two weeks, access to a printer and scanner/camera, additional time on a computer.

Why choose Enhanced? If your student is able to spend more time on a computer and working on courses, our Enhanced curriculum will provide him or her with the fullest educational experience.





Please read our FAQ sections, then email David Jewell at jrhadmin@rva.org with any additional concerns.

General RVA Online FAQ
  1. When do classes begin online? RVA’s third term will begin as scheduled on April 27, 2020. Instruction for the entire term will be online, with no in-person classes. We hope to bring our seniors back for their commencement ceremony.
  2. Can my student study online with RVA from our passport country? As long as you are able to meet the technology requirements, students may study with us regardless of location.
  3. How do I enroll in RVA Online? All current RVA students are automatically a part of RVA Online; you do not need to enroll again. If you wish to withdraw from RVA, please contact admissions@rva.org to work through the withdrawal process.
  4. What is the cost of RVA Online? Tuition fees remain the same for this term, and no capital development fees will be assessed. (Room and board will also not be charged.)
  5. What if I can’t meet the technology requirements for online learning? Please email responseteam@rva.org with the specifics of your situation. We hope to find a way to help you.
Junior High Online FAQ
  1. If students choose the Enhanced Curriculum, are they required to complete all assignments? Students are free to access as much or little of the Enhanced supplemental courses as they’d like. They may do some, all, or none of the assignments from those courses. Students must complete all math, English, science, and history coursework.