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RVA Online: Titchie (K-6)

RVA Online ensures educational continuity for our Titchie students.

Without exception, our teachers love their Titchies. During this season of considerable change, we aim to uphold our students’ learning through familiar instructional methods.

Most assignments are formatted to mirror our in-classroom work, allowing students to approach their schoolwork with confidence and understanding. Teachers will assess assignments and provide ongoing support for parents.

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We offer two options for Titchie e-learning: our Essential curriculum, and our Enhanced curriculum.


Each teacher will provide his or her class with instructional material comprising the Essential subjects: math, language arts, science, and social studies. Parents will access curriculum and submit student work online through Moodle (courses.rva.org).

We also offer an Enhanced option with a full complement of subjects. (Math, language arts, science, and social studies are identical to the Essential curriculum.) This option requires more time but provides a fuller educational experience.

Minimum requirements for Titchie: computer; internet access of 3G or better at least once per week; access to a printer; and the ability to scan/photograph work for submission. While it is possible to download material for the entire week (and upload the previous week’s assignments for submission), we recommend accessing Moodle courses regularly throughout each week.



Let us help.

If the technology requirements are an issue for your family, please contact us at [email protected].


Essential Curriculum

Language Arts
Social Studies

Why choose Essential? If your child/family has limited time available for schooling, our Essential curriculum will ensure that students remain on track in the core subjects of their grade level.

Enhanced Curriculum

Language Arts
Social Studies

Why choose Enhanced? If your child/family has more time to dedicate to learning, our Enhanced curriculum will provide students with a comprehensive educational experience.


Online Titchie instructional format (Click to expand)

Titchie students/parents will access curriculum and submit assignments through Moodle. At a minimum, families must access Moodle once each week to download that week’s assignments and submit work from the previous week. More frequent access is recommended.

All teachers will structure classwork to allow parents to download each week’s material for students to complete offline if necessary. Upper level Titchie classes will often provide two options for assignments: one allowing students to access work online, and another to simply download the material.

Instructional material may include video or audio demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, passages of text, etc. In the case of video and audio files, teachers will provide transcripts (text files) as an alternative for families with limited bandwidth.


Students will either need to spend more time on a computer, or print (and then scan/upload) more material.

  • If a student has sufficient access to a computer, many downloaded assignments, instructional files, etc. may be viewed and completed digitally. This could reduce printing to about 10-15 pages per week.
  • If a student has limited use of a computer, and all material (including calendars, passages of text, transcripts of videos, instructions) is printed, this could total approximately 60 printed pages per week.

We recommend that students access Moodle more than the once per week minimum. More frequent access enables teachers to provide timely feedback and monitor students’ comprehension as they progress. Furthermore, increased access to the internet could open interactive modalities for learning, which may enrich your student’s educational experience.


Please read our FAQ sections, then email Peter Wilson at [email protected] with any additional concerns.

General RVA Online FAQ
  1. When do first term classes begin? The 2020-21 school year will begin as scheduled on August 31, 2020. Instruction for the entire term will be online, with no in-person classes.
  2. Will RVA host an orientation for new students? This year’s NSPO (New Student/Parent Orientation) will take place digitally.
  3. Can my student study online with RVA from our passport country? As long as you are able to meet the technology requirements, students may study with us regardless of location.
  4. What is the cost of RVA Online? Tuition fees remain the same for this term, and capital development fees will be assessed at a 50% discount. (Room and board will not be charged.)
  5. What if I can’t meet the technology requirements for online learning? Please email [email protected] with the specifics of your situation. We hope to find a way to help you.
Online Titchie FAQ
  1. If I choose the Enhanced Curriculum, is my child required to participate in all of the additional subjects? No. You are free to choose from any of the supplemental classes. However, all Titchie students are required to complete the Essential Curriculum: math, language arts, science, and social studies.


We are praying for your families, and we look forward to serving our Titchies online in August.