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RVA Online

Welcome to e-learning with RVA.


At Rift Valley Academy, we are passionate about teaching and discipling our students.

In accordance with multinational travel and school directives, RVA is not currently conducting classes on premises, but our commitment to educating our students remains unchanged.

We are excited to provide our students with excellent and comprehensive instruction through distance learning.

Welcome to RVA Online.

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We value the relationships that form the RVA community.

In addition to delivering coursework and instruction, we endeavor to foster dorm community, connect with parents, maintain student and staff mentoring relationships, facilitate social interaction within classes, and support the spiritual growth and wellness of our students.

Whether on campus or across the world, we remain a family.

“RVA Online is more than an online school; it is a community where we can still invest deeply in our students.” —Mark Daubenmier, RVA teacher

Online Framework

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