Visual Arts

Our visual arts program is designed to help our students develop their God-given ability for creative expression.


At the Titchie level, we provide students with an abundance of hands-on experience while exposing them to the elements of art.

Junior High and High School

In junior high and high school, we furnish the tools, techniques, and feedback necessary to help students progress from concrete artistic skills to an understanding and application of more abstract principles. All students gain experience with ink, pencil, watercolor, acrylics, and clay. Advanced students maintain a personal portfolio demonstrating their growth in a variety of media and techniques.

pottery class
pottery class

“As an art teacher, there is something very fulfilling in the realization that I am just a tool in the Master Potter’s hand as He leaves His fingerprints on His eternal artwork.” –Ed Rothfus, RVA teacher

performing arts

Performing Arts

6th-8th Grade Music

RVA’s music department works diligently to cultivate our students’ musical skills and technique. Sixth graders begin instrumental instruction in a band setting, and may choose to progress to junior high concert band, designed to develop student character through musical study in a safe and enjoyable environment. Prior experience is not required, and instruments are available to rent as needed.

High School Music

High school students may audition for the wind ensemble, which aims to develop independent musicians capable of playing at a college-entry level, while fostering collaboration and servant leadership. Opportunities for specialized study and performance include jazz band and strings.

RVA offers vocal instruction and performance through concert choir, small group ensembles, and senior men’s choir. Private vocal and instrumental lessons are available to students as staffing allows, with piano instruction beginning in the first grade.

Both the high school band and choir participate in annual tours within Kenya, sharing the truth of God’s Word paired with outstanding musical concerts.


Our theatre department seeks to enable students to creatively express themselves and their emotions through a variety of types of theatre, while learning to appreciate their uniqueness and value as individuals fashioned in the image of a creative God.

In junior high, we provide an introductory experience to a variety of theatrical elements, including acting, the use of movement and voice, and more technical elements, such as lighting and set painting. 

In high school, students are encouraged to further develop character skills, explore in-depth movement and voice, and have opportunities for involvement in areas like set design and construction, lighting and sound, costuming, hair and makeup, and props.